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From Health & Wellness Colorado

"Mending Lives"
Austin Eubanks is standing thigh-deep in Sarvis Creek, near Steamboat Springs. It’s a cool, mostly sunny day in early June, and the usually small creek is running as a fast river due to the recent snow melt ... The scene is idyllic and peaceful, and Eubanks is relaxed, clearly an experienced fly fisherman. He has spent a lot of time mending, but not just on the water. Austin has also worked hard to mend his own life, bringing it back from the brink of addiction and, in turn, helping others in the throes of drug and alcohol dependence. Austin’s name might be familiar to many longtime Coloradans; on April 20, 1999, Eubanks was crouched under a table in the Columbine High School library. 

"Safer Passage"
The day in late March started like most for Craig Martin. With his kids at school and his wife off to work, the 48-year-old Parker resident jumped on his elliptical for a workout. When Martin’s family moved to Colorado from Los Angeles in 2012, they did so in part because of their passion for the outdoors and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Martin, a remote programmer analyst who spent a good chunk of his day staring at a computer screen, was committed to staying in shape in preparation for a multi-day backpacking trip in April.

"What Makes Us Happy?"
The pursuit of happiness is booming these days. Last year, the University of California at Berkeley offered a free online “Science of Happiness” course — more than 50,000 people registered. Huge companies, such as Google and Zappos, are appointing CHOs: chief happiness officers. Countless apps like Happify and Headspace claim to help people achieve greater happiness with the swipe of a finger. It makes sense. Research shows that happier people make better lifestyle choices, translating into a stronger immune system, reduced risk of disease and longer life.

"Recipe for Resilience"
"If more baby boomers would take Mathies’ healthful approach to combatting life’s major pitfalls, today’s dark statistics might brighten. According to a 2012 Institute of Medicine report, between 5 and 8 million seniors — a conservative estimate, according to the report’s authors — have one or more mental-health or substance-abuse disorders."

"A Tangled 'Web'"
"For some, the oil is nothing short of a miracle. But the actual statistics are more sobering: About a quarter of those receiving Charlotte’s Web achieve significant seizure control. And critics cite a lack of evidence and research regarding its effect on a not-yet-fully developed brain. Still, for families like the Murillos of Denver, the oil represents hope."

"Finding a Natural Calm"
"If you are a parent of one of the estimated 6.4 million U.S. kids diagnosed with ADHD, here are a few of the more promising therapies we’ve tried, along with psychiatric nurse practitioner Holly Vause’s take on each one."

From Advocate Magazines, Dallas TX

"The Rise and Fall of the Arcadia"
"It was June 21, 2006, the first day of summer, and the old Arcadia theater was ablaze. The roof had already caved in. The theater had pulled through two damaging fires in its 80 years. The third would prove to be its ruin."

"The Board Game Geek"
"Alden is so into board games — he estimates he has more than 1,000 in his personal collection — that five years ago, he and a friend started a website dedicated to the board-gaming community."

"Are Our Kids Safe?"
"These kids don’t walk to their friends’ houses or to school. They don’t ride their bikes around the block or to the nearest creek. They don’t even play in the front yard without our watchful eyes. Why then, given favorable odds of 1 in 626,000, don’t we allow our children more freedom?"

"Rockin' Mamas" 
"A couple of the band’s newer fans stop dancing, stare wide-eyed at the stage. They haven’t heard this song before, and you can see what’s going on in their heads: Wait, I know this voice … am I in trouble? Just a second ago I was dancing, and now this strange lady who isn’t my mom is yelling … "

"True Callings"
This is the story of three such women. Women of different backgrounds, different ages, and different motivations for creating the things they do. Yet they have one thing in common: Take away their creative process, and you take away a piece of them."

"Locally Grown, Locally Owned"
Though they put on brave faces and try to remain optimistic, the truth is, Tim Schmitz says matter-of-factly, unless the neighborhood starts supporting them soon, they’ll have to close their doors in a matter of months."

"The Quilting Queen"
If there is such a thing as a rebel in the world of quilting, Pat Campbell is it. Or at least she was, before even quilting purists had to admit her quilts were a sight to behold."

"Starting Over"
"In this room, they’re not trying to escape the nightmare of war or poverty; they’re just trying to escape the drudgery of words like 'low income' and 'entry level.' ” 

"Turning a Corner"
“We talked for about two hours on my front driveway, and he told me about the neighborhood’s history,” Gingold remembers. “I had no clue. And at that point, I absolutely fell in love. I love streets that have a history behind them, and the history here was pretty incredible.”